In Honor of My Father

As some of you may know, my father passed away a few weeks ago. I flew home to New Jersey to be with my family for the funeral and shiva and I am in the process of healing. For many years he suffered from bad health due to Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is actually a big part of the reason that I got into nutrition coaching as a profession. I wanted to help others know and act on the right information to positively influence their health.

12 years ago my father suffered a disabling stroke and had been in a nursing home ever since. Sadly my brother and I lost his full participation in our lives way too early. There is so much information that is available today about turning around the trajectory of these degenerative diseases that we did not have back when he was diagnosed. This is the subject of today's video with a special discount on coaching in honor of the memory of my father, Theodore Blake. Please feel free to forward this video to anyone that you think it would help. 

A few words about diet and lifestyle for Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure