How to Eat, Pray, Love in Only 10 Days!

As most of you know, I'll be in the Canary Islands Eat, Pray, Loving for next 8 months.

I know that is not a reality for most people. In fact, most Americans only get 10 paid vacation days a year (if that...). That's why I came up with today's video: How to Eat, Pray, Love in Only 10 Days! Watch the video and hear about how one of my clients ate, prayed and loved to her heart's content in Rome in only 10 days. 

If you've got some vacation time coming up, YOU TOO can get your Elizabeth Gilbert on. If you don't know where to begin in creating an adventure to fill your soul, I can help you. If you feel that you are stuck and having trouble releasing old negative patterns to allow in new experiences, I am offering all new clients a complimentary 30 minute strategy session by phone or Skype to see where you are holding yourself back and what action steps can be taken to move the adventure of your life in the direction you want.

And finally, as you watch this video, know this: this was the last video I filmed before I moved to the Canary Islands. You may be looking at my house and saying, "Wow Jackie. What a beautiful house you have. Why did you want to leave that behind?" Well the answer is, that's not my house. After I traveled extensively for several months a few years ago, when I came back to NYC, everything had changed. I changed. The city that once filled me with wonder and excitement now filled me with anxiety and exhaustion. Every time I thought about signing a lease for a new apartment my stomach turned. I was in a true transition phase of my life and I didn't know which way to go.

So I moved in with my mother in New Jersey. That's her lovely house. And it was not where I thought I was going to be for 2 years while I figured out my next move. (Did I mention that my mom lives in a gated retirement community and I was living there illegally? Haha, good times.) As a culture, we don't generously give people time and space to be in transition and figure things out when life doesn't turn out the way they thought it would, or when their values have totally changed. I look back and can see the blessings in that move. I got some space to finish my book, I got to travel more, I got to take workshops on coaching and also take some financial risks like running a women's wellness retreat in Puerto Rico. (May God bless Puerto Rico and the beautiful souls that live there.)

But of course the rest of the world does not see that you are in transition building for the next phase of your life. Most people only see the outward results which added up to me being 37 and moving back in with my mom. I know what it's like when you have a dream and you have to do the uncomfortable, unsexy thing to make it happen; when the people around you think you're crazy and look down on you. I've been there. If you're there, and you're looking for someone to coach you step by step through the uncomfortable, unsexy changes and transitions you may be going through in your relationships, health and career send me an email and tell me what you are working on. I will get you to that next phase with supportive vision, honest feedback and innovative solutions.

Now enjoy the video. And let's see if you can't plan your own Eat, Pray, Love.

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