Are you totally frustruated by today's disposable dating culture? Wondering how you can get past the third date and tired of being "ghosted"? Fed up with having your time wasted by men who have no intention of moving forward with you?

After more than a decade of dating in New York City, I was so worn down and frustrated with the inability to find a partner that I decided to do something radical. I fled New York with the commitment to reclaim the sense of fun, adventure and wonder that I once had in meeting men. After traveling the world and dating men from Brooklyn to Budapest, I've uncovered quite a few truths about love and life.

Join me as I take you on a journey into my experiences and then overlay them on top of your own to gain intuition into the blocks that may be holding you back from finding love. Learn how to avoid the red flags and pitfalls in the modern-day dating landscape and find peace on the path to The One. By strategically examining your patterns, asking yourself key questions, and using the law of attraction, you too can make your dating life meaningful and exciting again!

Read what other customers have said about Dating as a Spiritual Adventure:

THIS BOOK GOT ME A BOYFRIEND!! I originally bought it because I had met Jackie when I attended one of her yoga classes, and I instantly loved her! She’s so positive, fun, and full of life and I just felt like she totally got me when I would complain about guys. She and another woman were talking one day about the book and how soon after reading it this woman had gotten a boyfriend - so obviously I had to read it. I was pretty sure I was doomed in the field of relationships, but it sounded interesting so why not? Well IT GOT ME A BOYFRIEND. Haha I know that sounds crazy, but as I was reading it everything made sense to me, I just never had faith that I’d meet the right guy when I was ready. This book helped me analyze my love life and my patterns so I could figure out what exactly I wanted and how to get it. Only two months later, when I really felt ready, I found the love of my life. Also what I love about the book is it’s a cross between self help and memoir, so you’re getting fun dating stories followed by great advice. I highly recommend you open your mind, dig in, and enjoy it!!!!
— Danielle, Danielle Maria Photography, age 27
First of all, the title is perfect. For me, it speaks to a deeper and higher purpose in the realm of ‘dating’ which almost by default has a superficial connotation. It sets the book up perfectly, to guide the reader into themselves, to grow spiritually as they are seeking meaningful romantic connection. The reference to adventure, brings to mind the excitement of a journey, we may not know where we are going, but we know its going to be amazing. And then you open the book and from the first page, the author’s sense of humor brings the relief of levity with each story and message. She shares her own experiences, and those she’s collected around her, to illuminate the darkness of the subconscious patterns that are driving our choices and relationships. Most importantly the relationship with ourself.

Jackie Blake, in this dating ‘self help’ manual, manages somehow to be simultaneously poignant, inspiring, challenging and FUN!
— Annie, Amazon customer
This book is SO much more than a dating guidebook or a traditional self-help book. Really, it’s a book that asks you to look deeper into your life, answer questions about your self-worth, beliefs, goals, and the people you invite into your life. It asks you to reflect on not only what you are doing in your romantic life, but also, what psychological or spiritual beliefs are tying you to those actions. This is the sort of book that really shaped the way I looked at dating, particularly with regards to what my motivating factors might be for choosing a partner. It really is, for lack of a better phrase, a game-changer.

Also, I love the author’s conversational tone. Jackie Blake is easy to read, funny, and I feel like I can open up to any chapter or page and gather a nugget of wisdom for later use. As an avid reader of spiritual/self-help books, I must say, I found this book to be one of the most enjoyable ones that I’ve ever read because of Blake’s humor and tone. I loved the memoir-ish feel and would highly recommend this book.

I will definitely be rereading this, and I might gift it to a few of my girlfriends for is terrific.
— Jessie, Amazon customer
I’m a guy, and I loved the book. It’s so inspiring to see a woman pour her heart out on paper in the fashion that Jackie did. It wasn’t just to say, “Hey ladies, avoid xyz.” But, rather, Jackie made it more about passing on her wisdom from her mistakes to all of us in general who can, at times, be so lost. It’s about finding ourselves. I read it on an eight hour train-ride to and from my hometown. I was caught by passengers, a few times, laughing at the sticky situations and confusion that Jackie got herself into in some of these stories! I saw some of the red flags in myself. I’ve seen some of the red flags in girls I’ve dated. Jackie explains how It’s all about the timing, what you are looking for in your life and when you are looking. The point is that you have to take it upon yourself to do some digging. Jackie understands the meaning in each moment, whether good/bad/peaceful/uncomfortable as having so much significance that we might miss in our clouded childish tantrums to which all of us succumb throughout the frustrating journey of trying to get this dating thing right. I think she’s absolutely right, that in so many words, happiness is in the mirror. If you need to check yourself and are frustrated with repeating cycles of confusion, sadness, or anxiety in dating, then you have to read this book. Jackie is both in-your-face-honest, and by-your-side-loyal-friend.
— Adam, Amazon customer
Jackie offers a humorous, thorough, clear, and generous voice throughout this book! There is something for EVERY woman in these chapters, as they are so true to everyday dating life.
You will readily find yourself referencing Jackie’s lingo and applying it to your own situations - as well as dishing advice to your friends (women AND men) in a helpful way.
Throughout this book, Jackie allows you to ask yourself some questions you might be fearful of asking...but with her guidance, it makes self discovery enticing, fun, and heart warming. Love this book.
— Jacqueline, Amazon customer