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Life Coaching:

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.
— -Rumi

Life coaching sessions offer you an avenue for finding freedom from self-sabotaging behaviors, negative self-talk and the fear that keeps you in your comfort zone, all of which can block you from experiencing radiant health, creative self-expression, right livelihood and loving relationships. During each life coaching session my purpose is to reconnect you with and help you hear your inner source of wisdom. By discovering and accepting the hidden parts of you that have been compromised, a healing happens that allows you to experience greater authenticity and integrity with yourself. Gaining a greater sense of self-understanding is usually all that is required to drop the blocks we have to allowing love into our lives, the procrastination that keeps our deepest dreams from coming true and/or the destructive behaviors that have been draining our health.

If you are on the earth at this time it means that you have a purpose. I'll bet you even know what that purpose is, but sometimes when it feels so much bigger than the amount of greatness we have been conditioned to believe that we are allowed in this life, and when it will require more self-confidence than you've previously experienced, it is scary to take action. You were meant for so much more then you realize. Your potential is limitless and exponential. And all it takes to experience your truth is stepping out of your own way. Through life coaching I will help you build the habits and learn the life style skills necessary for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health and self-actualization.

I will meet you where you are in your healing journey. Contact me at jackie@jackieblake.com for more information. Pricing below.

Dating/Relationship Coaching:

Relationships are assignments.
— Marianne Williamson

With relationship coaching, I will help you zero in on the core issues at the heart of your ongoing relationship struggles. I believe that our relationships are our greatest spiritual tools for healing and learning. We attract what we are, what we expect and what we believe we deserve, which means that when we are not enjoying what we've attracted the power lies entirely with us to change those creations. All relationships are a mirror of the relationship you are having with yourself. It is extremely hard to see one's own patterns from the inside of a relationship problem, which is why I've developed this coaching system to help you.

Are you single and having trouble attracting a partnership? Fed up with the endless merry-go-round of online dating? Tired of meeting people who are afraid of intimacy? Or are you in a relationship and not sure if this is "the one"? Do you keep attracting the same type of dysfunctional man or woman? Unsure of whether you should stay in a relationship and work through issues or if it's time to leave? Are you dealing with heartbreak and you're unable to move on? Are you having trouble dealing with the pain and do you keep wanting to call and text your ex? 

Then it's time to book a one-hour coaching session with me. Let's being the healing process together and change the results you are getting in the area of relationships. I am available for telephone or Skype/Facetime sessions. Contact me at jackie@jackieblake.com for more information.

Coaching Rates:

  • All new clients can book a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session to try out coaching with me without risk! CLICK HERE to schedule your session. In the "Message" field please tell me what you would like to talk about in your session so that I can prepare and you can get the most value out of this time. 

  • One 60 Minute Coaching Session- $200. This is best if you have one specific issue that you would like resolved. We can use this hour in a targeted way to get your desired results. CLICK HERE to schedule your session. 
  • One Month of Coaching- 4 weekly 60 minute calls- $700. This is the minimum investment needed to work on deeper issues and provide support and consistency to create change. CLICK HERE to schedule your sessions.
  • Two Months of Coaching- 8 weekly 60 minute calls- $1200. Based on your initial intake and discussion of your goals, I will advise the trajectory of our time together. CLICK HERE to schedule your sessions.
  • Three Months of Coaching- 12 weekly 60 minute calls- $1500. Completely transform your patterns and behavior in any area of your life. Three months of consistent coaching allows for us to get to the root of negative patterns in health and relationships and create lasting change for a complete life transformation. CLICK HERE to schedule your sessions. 


Client testimonials:

Since working with Jackie I’m a lot more self aware of what I do. I’m able to stop my patterns. In the past it has been hard for me to be vulnerable because I’m a powerful, successful business woman. What I like about working with Jackie specifically is how honest and real she is. She can intuitively draw my attention to exactly what the issue is that is blocking me. For example, I have often played the “savior” with my employees and that has extended into my romantic relationships as well. I would absolutely recommend life coaching with Jackie to anyone struggling to become aware of what is blocking them in getting the results they are looking for. Most people walk around like victims, like “why does this happen to me?” Jackie can help you zero in on EXACTLY why it’s happening, like why you keep attracting the SAME type of guy all the time.
— Victoria De Los Rios, https://www.mymakeupartistvictoria.com/
I’ve only been working with Jackie for two months and I’ve grown and progressed so much in so little time. Every morning, I wake up and put on some worship or meditation music and read the affirmations that Jackie prescribed aloud to myself- even if its just a minute because I’m rushing out the door. I have learned to prioritize my quiet time.

Ideas flow freely for me now and I am more confident in my creative process. I’ve launched a skin care business where I make all natural products from scratch. I’ve never felt so determined to see a project to completion and so fearless to live a purpose driven life. My life has changed drastically and I seek to find purpose in my work before anything else. I am happy to be dreaming and thinking outside the box in regards to what I am going to do with my life once again. I find I am more connected with God and can feel His guidance more than ever.

My relationships at home, work and with my partner have shown improvement. I am much happier and less stressed because I am able to voice and communicate what I feel rather than letting it sit and bottling it up inside. Ive never had a better romantic relationship in my life than I do now.

My favorite thing about working with Jackie is that she is down to earth and straight up hilarious! She is gentle and intuitively guides the session to where the real “problem” lies. She has taught me to look deeper than just surface level to reveal what I really need to heal. I love that Jackie is very respectful of my individual spiritual beliefs and works that into my session and my program.

If you know you have roadblocks and healing to do I would highly recommend working with Jackie! In order to reach your highest purpose you need to be able to face yourself in the mirror and Jackie can pull it out of you without you realizing it was even living there. Whether its your relationship, career/business or just quality of life- there’s no reason to be stuck in the same place for another year.
— Rachel Germosen, owner of Organic Addictions and certified personal trainer
I planned a trip to Italy in desperate need of a special kind of... let’s say: “relaxation”. I have a stressful life stateside and wanted a week of freedom to entirely be myself. (And yes, I wanted a little romance!) Sounds great in theory. But I’m just not a dating app person. I’m not a go-to-the-bar-and-find-a-guy kind of woman. I’ve also never travelled abroad by myself before and to say I was intimidated is an understatement.

Enter Jackie Blake. She came to me by the referral of a friend who has known her for years and told me of her travels and her book. I decided to enlist her coaching prowess to design the kind of experience I wanted in Italy and to be ready for whatever happened.

Boy, did it happen.

Jackie patiently coached me through setting up my apps, reviewing my options, and attracting the kind of attention that would work for me. And it worked!! Not only that, when I had a few bumps Jackie kept me honest about why I was there (my own enjoyment), the kind of experience I wanted, and reminded me that patience and positivity would reward itself.

Let’s just say I can’t wait to go back to Italy again... and I’d recommend Jackie’s coaching 100%. She’s kind and supportive, but will keep it 100% real with you. She’s available when you need her - and if she hasn’t “been there” herself, she knows someone who has.

Bite the bullet. Go on that adventure. And let Jackie Blake be your professional Wing Woman on the way.
— Diana, age 34, New York City (name changed to protect privacy)
Since my coaching, I am truly putting myself first and making decisions that bring me closer to my goal; companionship, husband, kids and family. This has been the year of saying, “No!” Meaning, if I don’t want to attend an event or do something, I decline. If I’m tired and don’t want to do anything then I don’t and say no. Jackie, I wanted to work with you because you are so approachable, understanding and non-judgmental and somehow balance that with being blunt. You’re authentic and I love it!

I would completely recommend life coaching to others. I am a firm believer that one should reach out to the experts when he or she needs help. Not only do you have a lot to offer as a coach, you are also are living proof that you can live the life you want and that you should take calculated risks.
— Radena, 37, healthcare professional