GROOVE dance classes

Deep down we ALL would love to have the ability to move our body confidently and creatively to music. YOU CAN… when you do it YOUR way.

Dance is part of being human. our bodies were designed for movement.

When we restrict and limit our movement expression due to what others may think about it, it prevents us from experiencing the fullest potential of our bodies. The truth is we were born to dance. We are all great dancers when we aren’t trying to copy or mimic someone else’s dance. The way YOUR body wants to move to a given piece of music is the right way.

The GROOVE Method, created by Misty Tripoli, is more than an exercise class. It is pure dance therapy. Sure you will get your heart rate up and tone your body from this class. You will sweat and you will get stronger and more agile. But you will also have more fun and experience more movement freedom than you ever have before.


I've  GROOVE d from Brooklyn...

I've GROOVEd from Brooklyn... Budapest. Budapest.

the five groove truths that will liberate your body and mind are:

  1. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE. And if they do, it’s their problem. (And pretty sad if you ask me…)
  2. YOUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY. You absolutely cannot get this class wrong if you show up fully and give it your best. Let your body’s intelligence and creativity surprise you. 
  3. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. Your health, your choices and they way you feel are totally up to you. You get what you put into GROOVE.
  4. YOU SHOULD LOOK DIFFERENT. If you are truly dancing and not copying, you should look like an individual.
  5. ALL OF THESE IDEAS ARE GREAT UNTIL PUT INTO PRACTICE. You can’t possibly understand what it is to liberate your body and mind until you’ve shown up to give it a try.


The 2 reasons people are afraid to come to a dance class. GROOVE- Sia Elastic Heart