Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


one on one sessions, Specializing in:

  • Weight loss

  • reduction of pain/inflammation

  • skin conditions

  • fertility/pregnancy/lactation (MORE ABOUT THIS BELOW)

  • food addictions

  • NEW IN 2018: Whole30 coaching!

Become your best self with a nutrition program customized just for you! There are so many diet plans out there and perhaps you’ve tried them all: Paleo, Vegetarian, Atkins, Gluten and Dairy Free, Calorie Restriction, etc. It can be exhausting and confusing trying to figure out the best plan for your ideal health and fitness. (Not to mention frustrating when you want to enjoy your life and social engagements and you feel like you are so limited in what you can eat.)

This is where the science of Metabolic Typing comes in. Developed by William Wolcott, Metabolic Typing is the clearest way to figure out exactly what your specific food and supplement needs are. Here are some of the amazing benefits you receive simply from eating for your Metabolic Type:

  • You easily return to a healthy body weight
  • Chronic skin conditions will clear up
  • Enjoy lasting energy all day
  • Regain your mentally sharpness and clear-headedness
  • Your athletic performance improves
  • Chronic illnesses lessen or disappear

All of these things can happen from making sure your body gets the right fuel to run on and the right nutrients to repair itself. Let me help you figure out your metabolic type and coach you into integrating it into your lifestyle. 

Custom programs by request. For a free consultation, please email me at

Client testimonials:

With Jackie’s coaching experience I have had an overall improvement with my varied health issues, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Neuropathy, Hypoglycemia and Cancer Survival. All my issues have dissipated greatly and are more manageable. My fitness level has improved twofold allowing me to handle daily physical endeavors with more strength and for longer durations. My sleep has greatly improved which gives me so much more energy allowing for a more productive day.

My experience with Jackie has been nothing but a high level of care, kindness, consideration and most importantly true professionalism. Her knowledge on
vast number of health conditions and issues along with her guidance to correct, improve and protect my health was and is immeasurable.

I could not recommend a more proficient nutrition/ health coach than Jackie. Her knowledge along with her compassion to help and correct the issues at hand are immeasurable with astounding results. I feel truly blessed to not only have Jackie in my life to heal and prevail but to have the honor and privilege to call her “friend”.
— Jody Oliva, age 65, Fashion merchandising




The pregnancy and lactation periods are the most important times in your life to consume a diet of organic food that’s right for your metabolic type, as well as the right whole food supplements. In fact, nutritional researchers believe a commitment to healthy eating by both mother and father should begin six months prior to conception. Clean nutrition is absolutely essential to the optimal growth and development of your baby. You are the vessel through which your baby gets everything he or she needs. If you are not eating the appropriate diet during this time, your body will rob itself of essential nutrients (from places like your joints, bones and muscles) to give to your baby. Learn how to eat during this time to fortify your diet with essential nutrients that will encourage healthy weight-gain, maintain good energy levels, decrease the likelihood of gestational diabetes, postpartum depression and problems with breast-feeding, and give your baby the healthiest start possible.

In addition, a recent article in Newsweek just reported scientific findings which I have always believed to be true: nutrition does indeed affect fertility. If you have been experiencing problems with infertility, making nutrition and lifestyle adjustments is the easiest, cheapest and least invasive way to enhance your chances of natural conception. 81% of previously infertile couples in the study reported they were able to conceive naturally after consuming a diet of whole organic food and reducing toxic exposure and stress (I suspect the other 19% had structural complications that are not influenced by nutrition). I encourage you to make nutrition and lifestyle your first intervention in increasing fertility. Contact me at for a free consultation.

Client testimonials:

Since I started working with Jackie about year ago, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall health and my general energy level. Jackie has done a really great job educating me about my metabolic type and what foods I need to help keep my body fueled. Jackie not only helped create a successful diet and fitness regimen that I used for healthy weight loss when I got married last year, but she also has been tremendously helpful throughout my pregnancy this year.

One of the things I like best about working with Jackie is that she tailors your nutrition plan to work with your life. As someone who doesn’t have a ton of free time to meal plan, Jackie has helped me find quick and healthy meals to make.

I would definitely recommend doing nutrition coaching with Jackie. She’s totally reshaped my approach to food and at the same time helped me lose weight.
— Anne Voorhees, R.N.